Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas, is that you?

I would have to say that this has been the best Christmas yet. Alex and I are usually pretty bad about getting Christmas cards and presents out on time. I am impressed with us (okay, mainly me) with actually getting them out to our friends and family on time. We've done well with staying within our budget for family members and each other.

Stocking stuffers always seemed to be an issue for me, because what do I buy besides candy? I borrowed another blogger and friends tradition, from her blog at Our Homegrown Spud. They have seven categories from which the other person buys within. I like it because you actually get the person stuff they can use, and it's not candy, well I love the candy, but six bags of candy gets a little tummy achey. Now I can say that Alex's stocking is stuffed with stuff he will enjoy!

Oooh, but the presents! I'm definitely a present gal. I love to open presents, they don't need to be expensive ones, they just need to be wrapped. Alex and I have ours sitting so neatly underneath the tree and I truly enjoy the feeling just looking at our tree and seeing the presents underneath. Alex won't let me touch them, but only if he knew... okay, not really, as much as I say I would want to know, I really wouldn't because I love surprises!

I'm getting even more excited with Christmas at the end of the week!

Happy Holidays Everyone!