Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grand Junction Trip

Alex and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Grand Junction, CO for New Years. We decided to go on Wednesday and left for Grand Junction Friday night. It took us about four hours and we couldn't have asked for better weather through the pass. We stayed at Ashlee's, our good friends house, with her two puppies, Sunny D and Faye. Well Faye is Teig's dog, but we wanted to take both puppies home to add to the family. We actually left our dogs in Loveland because we found a great dog sitter who stays the night for such a minimal fee - $12 a night! Morgan and Ryan also live down in Grand Junction so we were able to hang out with them as well!

We got to Ashlee's on Friday around 11 pm. Saturday we tried to go to a hot yoga class, but it was moved to Sunday, so we chatted it up in car instead, which was some needed catching up. Then we met Morgan and Ryan out in Fruita, which is about 20 minutes away from Grand Junction, to go shooting. Morgan had just gotten a new shotgun and was taking it out for a spin. Ashlee brought her rifle and .38 handgun as well. I'm not a "gun" person by any means, but I wanted to give it a go, and I knew everyone would enjoy it! Everyone else shot guns and I shot with the camera, ha-ha.

{Morgan with her shotgun, while Ashlee was pulling the clays}

{The whole gang standing around while Ashlee gets her rifle ready}

{Ashlee posting up with her rifle}

{The gang checking out the damage}

{Me and my shooting}

{Alex with the shotgun, and me pulling clays}

{Okay, okay, I very much wasn't going to shoot a gun and never have in my life, but Morgan being the inspiration she is and reassuring me that it isn't that bad, I decided to give it a go and learn about it. The kick wasn't the bad, and glad I did it.}

{Morgan and Ryan!!}

{Ashlee busted out her .38 handgun, so since I shot the shotgun, I definitely was going to shoot the handgun, and it was AWESOME, okay awesome might be exaggerated, but I did enjoy myself.}

{Morgan and Ashlee!!}

{The whole gang}

{The whole gang being a G thang, ha-ha!}

After we did some shooting, we headed to downtown Fruita for a bite to eat and great conversation. Then talked about our new years eve plans. So after all went home and got ready, we headed to Sushi, which involved my favorite - sake bombs! After dinner we went to Morgan's office new years party, which was a hoot! After an eventful day, we headed back to Ashlee's around 10 pm and vegged on couch until midnight, then went to bed! 

Sunday was a veg-out kind of day, with breakfast and then headed to a distillery 10 minutes outside of Grand Junction, which was awesome! I had pear gin for the first time with limeade and grape soda. It was so delicious that I bought a bottle to take home. 

{Gin, vodka, Gin}

We ended the evening with some frisbee golf and a wonderful home made dinner by Ashlee. 

Monday we left early to make it to Loveland by the afternoon, only to run into some ski traffic, but overall a GREAT trip to G town. 

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