Friday, June 17, 2011

House found!

Well I'm excited to report that we found a house! No, it wasn't the one that I lost sleep over. That one ended up already having an application on, and the open house was for back up applicants... I was perturbed by this... so basically we didn't even have a chance before we walked in the door. Plus the young lady, who either was, just showing it or it was her house, wasn't very nice in the first place, so all for the best.

The house is located in Loveland, and is only about eight miles away from Fort Collins, so a good "in between" house. A little backyard for the dogs, enough to stretch their legs and go potty. We'll just need to walk them often, which the apartments have prepared us for.

It has nice vaulted ceilings in the living room and master bedroom. There is an awesome monster truck border in one of the spare bedrooms, so that will be Alex's office. It needs some paint, but the carpet is in pretty good condition, along with the house, considering that three young men were living in the house. It has a nice large unfinished basement, which Alex is excited to put a pool table down there. There's a large deck in the back, perfect for Norman to stand on and look into the surrounding area, which is our neighbors yard and the retirement community behind us. I'm sure the retirement home will appreciate that...

We start moving our stuff in tomorrow - again. We're hoping to have everything in the new house this weekend. I'll paint later, after I get a job...

Well, onward we go!

Amber D.

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Matt, Lindsey and 'the spud' said...

oooo...loveland. check! awesome. i have been meaning to learn how to use my camera, how is it going learning yours?!