Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So it begins!

I just arrived to Colorado about a week ago, and it already has been a journey. Moving our Great Dane, Norman, and Rat Terrier, Wilson to an apartment has been an adjustment, especially since they've grown up in a house. Every noise they hear or person they see, they act as if it's stranger danger. We've had to ride them pretty good about not barking, so hopefully the person above us doesn't complain. Also, we have to take the outside on leashes to have them go potty. Wilson gets side-tracked so easily it takes him forever to do his business and Norman won't go potty if he's on the leash.

I'll focus on unpacking the first week and just getting adjusted, then I'll start the job hunt. Having Alex gone since March then having him come back for the wedding and honeymoon in April and May, has made me thrilled just to live in the same place as him again. Well, onward we go!

Amber D.

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