Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ode to My Husband

I'm glad I finally have a few minutes to share my appreciation for my husband!

I can admit that I'm not the greatest wife, but I have the greatest husband. Alex is thoughtful and caring, supportive and encouraging. When I don't have faith, he does. He supports my feminist view point and listens to my out-of-the box beliefs. We're usually on the same page, without having to say anything, and when I'm nervous about telling how I feel, he usually feels the same way. We have the same morals, goals, and beliefs. If I wasn't married to him and didn't think he would be the most incredible, patient, loving father, I wouldn't have kids. He makes sacrifices for our little family and always tells me everything will be okay. He has been more than supporting with my new eating and exercising regimen.

I am not a sensitive or affectionate person; however, I just needed to give props to my husband so he and everyone else knows how much I appreciate everything he does!

Ode to my husband!