Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good Cookin'

I had found this pork loin recipe at myrecipes.com (of course) and was feeling a bit adventurous. I had planned to cook it on a Sunday night to have ample time. I knew that it was at the limits of my cooking ability and wanted to surprise Alex with my skills. As I started to review the recipe again and pull out the items, I think Alex could see the uncertain look in my eyes and kindly took over. It took about two hours to prep and cook, but well worth it and could be used for any occasion or holiday.

Look at how well Alex tied the pork; this is the part that would have frustrated me the most! We improvised with our own broiler pan. 

Yum, yum, with the perfect taste combination. 

While the pork loin recipe was in the oven for the hour, we decided to whip up a batch of Texas Trash. It was hard to find the almond bark, but after going to three stores, we found it at Albertsons. 

We've got our two batches all mixed together.

Alex slowing melting the almond bark, since it can burn so quickly! 

 The parchment paper is all set-up for quick cooling. 

The batch mixture coated in the almond bark, giving us ample Texas Trash to give to co-workers and devour three bags ourselves... This is why we make it once a year. 

It was nice to enjoy some good cooking and Texas Trash!  

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