Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthdays and Hobbies

Today was Alex's birthday; he turned 25. Now we can get another discount on our car insurance next year!

I really wanted to make this year a special one for him. The last couple of years I've really dropped the ball because of my time management skills and, of course, money. We stayed at home and had a couple of steaks, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob. The steak is always a little too much for me, since we're not big red meat eaters. It still was delicious, because Alex always cooks a good steak!

He mentioned a while ago, since he got the office manager position, that he needed to get the "Worlds Best Boss" mug, so I did just that.

He had been looking at tripods for a while, and so I did some research, and found this little guy. The Benro rated high because it comes with a ball head, becomes very compact for the travelers and scenic goers, and is considered a sturdy aluminum tripod.

Then we had some delicious confetti cake that I made (not from scratch) and decorated, which I got to use the beautiful cake stand that I got from Kimi at my bridal shower!

My job went very well this past week, and I am looking forward to working there for a while. My boss is nice, encouraging, and very helpful. It feels good to be back in the Solid Waste division, and get to learn about the Streets and Storm Drainage divisions as well. It's always a different group of people to work with in those type of divisions, but always wonderful men and women.

Since I've started to get situated in a routine again, I've started to call, research, and look around for a figure competition coach. This has always been a "back-in-the-mind" goal of mine. I figured there's no time like the present for a hobby like this, especially since I already love and know how to do the exercise and weight lifting part.

(For those who don't know what I am talking about, above are figure competitors.)

I have been in contact with a coach that trains a group of ladies, that lives just past Denver. They train three times a week together, and the coach sends out exercise and meal plans for the month to get the ladies prepared for their competition. I really like her and would like to work with her. My main concern is the distance. I couldn't train with them for the two days during the week, so I don't know if it would be worth to pay for the full service but only realistically be participating in a quarter of it. I'm going to talk to her, and maybe see if she recommends anyone closer, or has any ideas for us still to work together. I have a long ways to go. Maybe I can just start on the basics of losing the bulk of the weight and then concentrate on becoming lean and toned... I guess I will discuss this with her. I am super excited about this journey and hope that i can start my journey in the next couple of months!

Amber D.

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