Friday, July 8, 2011

Job Hunting... Still

It's been five weeks now since I have made it to Colorado, and I'm still job hunting. Weeks one through three were full of optimism. I had just started job hunting and knew it would take some time. By the beginning of week four, my attitude had taken a slight turn for pessimism. I am a very independent woman and have strong feminist thoughts, so just sitting at home, cleaning, and cooking for Alex does not sit well with my ego, and then not getting any calls for interviews, really had made me feel inadequate. Then Thursday June 30th, I got a call for a job interview for Friday July 1 - FINALLY! I was so excited. It was only part-time, but a foot in the door, and my ego finally felt a little better. I interviewed, and didn't do too well. It was for a Natural Resources Engineering Consulting company. The owners were doing the interviews. The interview was very informal and we just didn't make that connection, I had to giggle, because one of the last questions the wife had asked me, in almost of a desperation to make a connection or to find something in common, was if I had any hobbies. I replied calligraphy writing. She kind of looked at me like, "really?", and said, "Oh, well, that's interesting, because most people move to Colorado for the outdoor experience." So then, with one more attempt from her, she asked me if I liked to go rafting, and that was another cluster. When I left, I knew I didn't get it. You know when you just have that feeling of "that just didn't go well", yeah, mine was pretty strong. After having a little taste of interview, even though it wasn't my best, my optimism went straight back to the top.

Alex and I enjoyed a nice July 4th, and did a little hiking on the Devils Backbone here in Loveland, went and saw Transformers 3, which I thought ended up being a little long, and finished the weekend off being bums in the house with some hot dogs and potato salad. All weekend I kept thinking about all the wonderful phone calls I would get next week for interviews.

Then on Tuesday July 5th, I received a call for an interview with the City of Loveland Solid Waste, Streets, and Storm Drainage Divisions for July 8th! SHAZAM! Then on Thursday July 7th I received two more calls for interviews, one was with Banner Staffing agency on Friday july 8th and the Good Samaritian Community on July 12th.

My two interviews went really well. I feel like I did really well at the Loveland Solid Waste position and connected really well with the people there. Since I have previous solid waste experience I was able to connect with the people of understanding on how picky people are about their trash and recycling. I am hoping that I get a call next week, when they make their decision, that would just be perfect! Then I got offered a position with Banner Staffing agency on the spot. They're basically an agency that hires people to staff shortages at the main hospital in Greeley, which is about 20 miles from Loveland. I accepted the position. It's not a guarantee of hours, but it's something. Training starts on August 4th, which is a few weeks away. My hope is that I get the City of Loveland job and then keep the Banner Staffing job for extra hours. I'm still applying for jobs, because I can't do anything less than 40 hour weeks. I received an email about the possibility of getting an interview with the US Dept of Forest Service, which is Federal. Hopefully I get that call next week!

I'm still cleaning, cooking, doing yard work, lifting weights, and working on my calligraphy, trying to keep busy and staying positive until the next round of interview phone calls.

At least Norman is keeping me company...

When he's not sleeping...

Amber D.

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