Saturday, November 26, 2011

O Tannenbaum

[The final product]

I had a blast putting up our Christmas tree last weekend, and Alex was a big help! Over the last four weeks I have been making trips to Hobby Lobby to gather supplies. Like I mentioned before, I watched a YouTube video that showed me how to decorate a Christmas tree, and make it look great, which it didn't turn out to shabby looking, and Alex was thoroughly impressed. 

We started off by touching every single limb on that fake tree. 

Then we unraveled a grapevine wreath, like the one above, around the tree.

I started the initial unraveling outside because it was flaking even transporting around the house. We started at the top of the tree and just wrapped it around and then really pulled it apart. We haphazardly placed it in and around the branches. 

I bought some silver metallic ribbon that is fairly flexible with wire edging, and I was conscious to place it up and down branches as we spiraled down the tree. I didn't want the ribbon to look as if it was just set on the outside of the tree. 

I couldn't find exactly what the decorator used in the YouTube video, but I did find silver floral spray, and used the through out the tree, and it did the same thing. Alex is sporting some behind his ear - he's so bad ass! 

After getting the vine, ribbon, and spray all settled, I started by putting the large ornaments on the bottom branches and work my way up with smaller ones. I tried to get the ornament to hang from the branches, instead of sitting on them. Then I worked in some smaller ornaments into the middle of the tree. There was a lot of maneuvering in between the vine and ribbon to find space and the right look.  

The Final Product

I had so much fun decorating the tree, and definitely will look forward to doing it again next year. It will be sad to take it down; I just won't think about that part. 

[When it came time to put the ornaments on, Alex had enough creativity, so I put him on camera duty.]

 [I love how the vine and ribbon play together.]

When we started decorating, I definitely thought there wasn't a theme to this tree. I was wrong, we like the feel for dark colors, like green, red, silver, gold, and a little of purple. 

I hope everyone enjoys putting up there tree as much as we did! 


Lindsey [homegrown spud] said...

Looks amazing! What is the YouTube video?

Amber D said...

Thanks Lindsey, I really did enjoy putting it up. The video is, which I went ahead and put it in the blog now.