Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All unpacked!

We love the new house and the feeling of being home. We love the already-painted decor, since it matches our style and the things we already have. I especially love the kitchen, because of the beautiful purple combination.

Now that the house is all unpacked and I still don't have a job, I've decided to focus on some things that I've wanted to get done but thought I had more important things to do.

So, one of the first things was to figure out how to actually use our new Nikon D90 and what all the fancy buttons are meant to do. I now can say with confidence that I love our camera, it's amazing! Some of the first pictures I took, with fancy settings, was the inside of the house.

This is the front of the house.

A very inviting front door, don't you think?

The entry way.

The entry way, from the living room.

The kitchen, see the purple!

The living room from the back sliding door.

The hallway to the bedrooms.

The hallway.

Laundry space.

My office.

Alex's office, did you notice the monster truck wallpaper?
He loves it...

Second bathroom.

Entrance to the master bedroom.

Another view of the master bedroom.

Master bathroom.

Stairs leading down to unfinished basement.

The unfinished basement
Storage and our new workout room... AWESOME!

The deck leading to the backyard.
There is an assisted living community behind us, they seem to be pretty quiet, no crazy parties yet... I wonder if they have a shuffle board?

Part of the backyard, just needs a little TLC.

The garage.

I'm glad I have had the time to actually read the full manual and get to know all about our camera, and plan on using the camera more often.

I didn't want to upload pictures with out having the house all settled, so uploading the pictures is a sense of full accomplishment, that we're now living in Colorado.

Amber D.

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Matt, Lindsey and 'the spud' said...

you moved into a house!! congrats!!! is it in loveland? did you buy it or rent it?! i suppose i have to read more entries to learn that one. it looks awesome. i'm so happy you're more settled. and your job interview sounds ultra-promising.