Sunday, July 17, 2011


Most might know, and others might not. I officially have a job!!! I received a call on Wednesday, July 13th, from the City of Loveland for the Solid Waste/Streets/Storm Drainage divisions. I will be an administrative specialist. I am excited because I have worked in a solid waste division before and loved it, which helped me become the recycler I am today. I start on July 19th.

I also received another job offer on the 13th for the Good Samaritian Society Community. It was actually before I received the call from the City of Loveland. Since I wanted the City of Loveland job a lot more, I actually called the HR person that was handling my background check and asked about my application and informed her of my situation. She was very understanding and actually called my new boss, who was on vacation, to see if she could speed up the process, so I could get an official answer for the position. The job with the Good Samaritian Society Community was a job I would have liked as well, but it is located in Greeley, which is about 22 miles from where we live and it paid a couple of dollars less than the one in Loveland. I felt lucky to have been in that position after having a lull for about five weeks.

Alex and I find it intersting how everything worked out. We were trying hard to rent a place in Fort Collins, but ended up with this wonderful place in Loveland, which we had come to terms with the fact I might have to commute. Then I get a job in Loveland, about fifteen minutes from where we live. We both thought how horrible it would have been if we both would have had to commute! Life has it's paths.

I realized how much of a process it is for health care workers to start at a hospital! Well, I guess I am assuming it is the same procedure within other hospitals. I've talked about the part-time job with Banner Staffing in Greeley, and I started that process on Wednesday, as my plan was if I hadn't heard anything official from either positions. I had to go to an occupational health clinic within the hospital to start the paperwork. When I was there I had to bring my immunization records, go through my medical history, take part in a TB skin test, take a urine test (for drugs), give a tube of blood, and train on how to use a N95 medical mask. I then have to go back after July 20th to do another TB test. Holy cow! I understand the logic behind the process, it's just intense. Props to the healthcare workers, and I have a lot of friends in that field. How did I not know about this?! Now I do!

Amber D.

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Lindsey [homegrown spud] said...

yay!!! congrats amber!! How was your first week of work?!