Monday, October 17, 2011

What's a library?

I have a library card... I have a library card?! I have a library card!!

I haven't had a library card since... I was 12 or so in Rapid City, SD. I like this whole free book thing. I am actually reading too, which is different in itself, as well.

Right now I'm reading "Eat, Drink, and Weigh Less" by Mollie Katzen & Walter Willett, M.D. I like the idea of the book because it's from a medical perspective and the co-author is a cook, and so far I'm staying attentive and want to continue to read.

The other book I checked out was "Mayo Clinic, Healthy Weight for Everybody" by the Mayo Clinic. After I finish the above, I'll venture on to this one.

This whole journey is so new for me. I'm usually very concerned about how other people perceive me. Especially if I'm viewed as "failing" at something. This time, however, my perception of myself has changed. I don't care and I don't view myself as a failure, I'm learning. Learning what is right for me and my body, and changing my misconceptions of what I wanted, and figuring what I truly want. With wanting something like this for so long I definitely need a clearer understanding of what I truly want, and what I'm working towards, if I'm even working towards anything.

I feel relieved, and I feel good.

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