Monday, October 24, 2011

Boise Visit

I was able to head to Boise for the last four days and really enjoyed it. I mainly went to support my mom but was able to make, literally, a few friend stops. I wish I could have seen more, especially the Boise crew, including the recently pregnant Lindsey and Matt, Bryna and Nick, Stephanie and Mike, with their new puppy love, and others, but time was too short.

I planned my little trip just right and was able to attend Abbey's baby shower. How beautiful! With attending hers, I have come to the conclusion, I love baby showers!

I went to SDE to see Stephanie and Cassandra, for a split moment, but so glad I got to for just a moment. Saw Calli on Friday after the shower, and enjoyed a nice long chat on the good 'ole Calli couch. Hung out with Kimi at iHop, even though we tried to Goldies, but we can't wait an hour for breakfast - come on people! It was so nice to catch up and be face to face! Then finished it up with Sarah on Sunday, which she brought me a lovely card and wonderful candle.

Thanks friends for a short, wonderful, uplifting visit, and was happy that I could spend four solid days with my mom!


Lindsey [homegrown spud] said...

awww that sounds lovely. I am so glad that you were able to visit boise. I think you guys just got dumped on in Colorado that right? Oh man, I wish we had snow.

Amber D said...

Yeah, it was nice! We did get some snow and it was super heavy so lots of trees broke in Loveland.